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Are Concrete Countertops Cheaper Than Granite?

Concrete countertops are durable, while granite is one of the most popular and visually appealing counters available. If you’re stuck between these options, there’s no doubt their price will be a significant factor. Before you choose them based on their appearance, you have to consider your budget and know which one is cheaper.

Concrete countertops aren’t cheaper than granite since they cost an average of $95 per square foot, whereas granite costs $60 per square foot. There are pricier variations of both counters, and installation costs may change. But concrete is more expensive because it’s denser and lasts longer.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover why concrete counters are pricier than granite, whether they’re worth the investment, and if granite is a better choice if you want to save money. We’ll also show you the pros and cons of each option.

Expensive granite countertop

Do Concrete Counters Cost Less Than Granite Counters?

Countertop QualityGraniteConcrete
Low-end countertops$40 to $50 per sq. ft.$65 to $100 per sq. ft.
Mid-range countertops$55 to $65 per sq. ft.$100 to $135 per sq. ft.
High-end countertops$75 to $100 per sq. ft.$135+ per sq. ft.

The prices listed above are subject to change and vary based on numerous circumstances. Concrete countertops are typically more expensive than granite counters, but it depends on the size, shape, pattern, color, and installation company.

Fancy patterns on high-end granite will almost always cost more than concrete counters, but it’s safe to assume equal quality will make concrete pricier. As mentioned in the table, top-notch concrete can cost up to $60 or more per square foot than high-quality granite. If you want to save money, you could choose thinner counters.

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Let’s dive into a handful of factors that can influence the price below.

DIY Counters Are Cheaper and Riskier

You could save money on both counters by installing them without professional assistance. However, you won’t be protected by warranties, guarantees, or mistakes. Hiring an installer can cost between $30 to $90 an hour, but it’s well worth the expense if you want the best appearance and longevity.

The Countertop’s Appearance and Grade Affect the Cost

There are various grades for countertops. Low-grade counters are cheaper and don’t last as long. Many of them are prone to cracks, scratches, discoloration, and more. Another trait that influences the price is the color, shape, and edges. Rounded or squared edges are cheaper, as are traditional shapes.

Talk to the Installation Company

It’s essential to talk to three or more companies for quotes, time estimates, and countertop quality before choosing your counters. Some businesses might cut you a deal for high-end concrete or granite counters, saving you hundreds of dollars on the installation. Prices often fluctuate, so why not see what’s available?

Why Are Concrete Countertops Expensive?

Concrete countertops are expensive because they are hand made and it requires a lot of skill to get a concrete countertop to perfection. They can also be highly customized, which also adds to the price. You can get a concrete countertop in almost any size, shape, or color you like.

They also require professional installation teams, and are much more durable than many other types of counters. They also have the potential to increase your home’s value.

You might be wondering why companies charge so much money for concrete counters. After all, concrete is found in driveways, sidewalks, patios, and many other places without costing too much. That being said, concrete counters may be a better option than granite for several reasons.

  • Concrete countertops are heat resistant, which is a primary reason for their high cost. You can set hot pans and dishes on these counters without cracking, staining, or damaging them. Whether you’re a full-time chef or don’t want to worry about ruining your new counters, it’s understandable why this factor increases the cost.
  • Concrete counters require professional assistance since they’re very difficult to DIY. We mentioned you could save money DIYing your counters, but that’s only worthwhile if you choose granite, laminate, and similar materials. Concrete requires an extensive process that’s error-prone for beginners.
  • The material is quite durable and dense, making it an appealing choice for heavy-duty kitchens and work areas. One of the driving cost factors is the impressive weight resistance. Concrete counters can handle quite a bit of weight. Note: Don’t put anything on the countertops until they’re completely cured and sealed.
  • Simplified shapes and edges can lower the price. While concrete is more expensive than granite, you don’t have to break the bank for them. You can lower the cost by following some of the previously mentioned suggestions regarding the shape, size, thickness, color, and more.
  • Concrete counters might raise your home’s value. The high-quality look, appearance, and longevity of these counters make them much more impressive and valuable to potential buyers. If you intend to sell your home sometime down the road, concrete would be a worthwhile selection.

As you can see, concrete is almost always more expensive than granite. However, it’s not the end-all-be-all for countertops. A couple of flaws make it not as good as granite for some homeowners. If you want to learn a few scenarios you should consider granite for the price, read on.

Should You Get Granite Counters Instead?

You should get granite counters if you want a low-maintenance, cheaper variant compared to concrete countertops. Despite their lower price, granite countertops have many advantages, such as stain resistance, special designs, and a smooth surface.

Here’s a list of reasons you should consider granite counters:

  • Granite doesn’t absorb as much moisture or stain as easily as concrete. If you’re looking for low-maintenance countertops, concrete isn’t as efficient as granite. You can clean granite with store-bought wipes, but concrete requires sealing and more maintenance that can increase its long-term cost.
  • Granite countertops are cheaper for installation, square footage, and maintenance. You’ve likely read granite is less expensive than concrete per square foot, but installation costs and maintenance are cheaper, too. The labor costs of granite counters can be as low as $15 per hour.
  • Installing granite tiles will drastically lower the price, though tiles aren’t as sturdy as slabs. Granite tiles are cheaper because they show many more seams and aren’t as visually appealing. However, these can be easy workarounds for those who don’t mind the cosmetic changes.
  • Granite has a unique appearance not found in concrete slabs. The random patterns naturally found in granite make it an optimal choice for millions of homeowners. Despite concrete’s advantages, you can enjoy granite’s appearance while saving a bit of money. It’s a world favorite for many people.

Whether people prefer the lower price or unparalleled appearance, granite counters will likely remain a top choice for many decades. They come in multiple colors and stand the test of time. If your granite counters are sealed properly, they can handle quite a bit of heat from pots, pans, and more.

Note: Saving money is always an appealing option, but you should put your home’s value, personal preferences, longevity, and usage over the budget (if possible). Your countertops will likely be in your home for at least a decade, so why not get your favorite choice since they’ll be an irreplaceable part of your kitchen?


Concrete counters might be more expensive than granite countertops, but many advantages make them worth the price hike. If you’re trying to improve your kitchen or work area and want to get the most durable solution, it’s hard to find anything better than concrete.

However, many people believe granite has an irreplaceable appearance. It’s up to you to decide the best choice when comparing the prices!

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