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Can You Cut Concrete With a Sawzall?

Concrete is often tough to cut through, especially if it’s a thick slab. On top of that, there are many tools to choose from when cutting concrete, so it’s challenging to know which one is best. Sawzalls are a popular and handy tool, but can you cut concrete with one?

You can cut concrete with a Sawzall if it has a diamond blade, but circular diamond blades are a better choice for cutting concrete, especially if the slabs are thick. You’ll also need a hammer if the blade can’t cut all the way through the concrete.

The rest of this article will discuss the best cutting tools for cutting concrete. It will also discuss how to cut concrete and how difficult you can expect it to be. Keep reading and get your tools ready!

Man cutting concrete with a sawzall

Which Sawzall Blade Is Best for Cutting Concrete?

The best Sawzall blade for cutting concrete is one with diamond grit. Because of the coarse diamond grit, it cuts through rigid, abrasive materials better than a standard Sawzall blade.

As long as you use the right blade for the material you plan on cutting, you shouldn’t run into any issues. I recommend this Milwaukee Sawzall Grit Blade from Besides having a durable diamond grit, it sports a 1-inch (2.5 cm) tall blade for improved stability while cutting.

There are different reciprocating Sawzall blades, such as woodcutting blades, demolition blades, and grit blades. Using a woodcutting blade wouldn’t work very well with concrete, and using a grit blade wouldn’t be necessary when cutting wood. It’s all about knowing which blade to choose based on what you’re cutting.

‘Sawzall’ Is a Brand Name and Used for ‘Reciprocating Saw’

Although some people may refer to all reciprocating saws as Sawzalls, the name ‘Sawzall’ is a trademarked name by the Milwaukee company. The Milwaukee company has become famous for its Sawzall range of blades, which has led people to use the term to refer to all reciprocating blades.

Although there are many Sawzall blades to choose from, there are also other brands of reciprocating blades that you can buy. As long as you choose one with a durable diamond grit, you’ll be fine.

What Is the Best Tool for Cutting Concrete?

The best tool for cutting concrete is a circular saw with a diamond blade. The diamonds create a stronger cut, which is more appropriate for abrasive materials like concrete. With a circular diamond-bladed saw, you shouldn’t need to push down on the saw; it should cut through effortlessly.

There are different ways you can use a circular diamond blade, including dry and wet cutting. Wet cutting is an excellent way to prevent your saw from overheating while also keeping it lubricated. Additionally, it minimizes the amount of dust caused by cutting the concrete.

Circular saw for cutting concrete

If you want to use the wet cutting method, you should always ensure you can use the saw with water. Not all are compatible, so it’s essential to check. 

Dry cutting is another viable way to cut concrete, but it isn’t as safe as wet cutting. More dust will be floating in the air if you go for dry cutting, which can be harmful to breathe in. You should always wear protective face shields when cutting concrete for this reason.

Use a Hose To Keep the Concrete and Circular Saw Wet

Wet cutting is an excellent way to prevent concrete dust from getting in the air. One of the best ways to keep a constant water supply is by using a hose while cutting the concrete with a circular diamond saw. Keep the hose directed towards the concrete for the best results.

Doing this will help lubricate the blade. Because the blade doesn’t wear down as much while wet, wet cutting will also make it last longer.

To get a better idea of how to keep concrete wet while cutting with a circular saw, be sure to watch the Youtube video below:

How To Cut Concrete

To cut concrete, you should use a circular diamond blade. Ensure all windows and doors are sealed and shut, and wear protective gear. Before starting, you should draw lines with chalk for the cuts. For minimal dust, use a constant water supply to keep the concrete wet.

Cutting concrete is a serious task, and it needs to be done in a safe environment. If the slab is particularly thick, or if you’re not sure whether you can do it or not, you should hire a professional to do it.

Here are some crucial tips on how to cut concrete:

  1. Choose your tools. A circular diamond blade is best for cutting concrete.
  2. Prepare the area. If you’re cutting indoors, make sure all the windows and doors are shut. Cover any entrances with a cloth or other materials.
  3. Draw an outline of the cut. Before you cut the concrete, you should outline using chalk; this will help you make a straight line.
  4. Wear protective gear. It is essential for your health to wear safety gear. This includes a face shield to protect you from breathing in the concrete dust.
  5. Trickle water over the concrete. To make the process easier and prevent too much dust, you should keep water trickling on the concrete.
  6. Make intermittent, shallow cuts. It’s best to make shallow cuts and go back over the same spots with a deeper cut each time. This keeps the saw from overheating and is generally safer and easier because it gives you more control over the cut.

Because the saw will need to cool down, it’s better to make intermittent cuts. Doing the entire cut in one go isn’t great for the saw, and you’ll have less control. This means you’ll be more likely to make a mistake.

Is It Easy To Cut Concrete?

It is easy to cut concrete once you are fully prepared and have all the right tools. With a circular diamond saw blade, cutting concrete is easy and shouldn’t require much effort on your part.

Since you’ll be using a blade specifically designed to cut through abrasive materials, you won’t need to use much strength to cut the concrete. The machine will do almost all the work. In fact, putting your weight on the saw may negatively impact the cut.

Is a Reciprocating Saw Good for Cutting Concrete?

You can use a reciprocating saw for cutting concrete, but only if the concrete slab is thin or if the saw has a diamond blade. Although it will work, it won’t work as well as a circular saw with a diamond blade.

A reciprocating saw works with a back and forth motion, whereas a circular saw works using a spinning motion. Because of this, the circular saw works better on larger areas and is easier to use on abrasive materials like concrete.

The most common use of a reciprocating saw is for demolition, which is quite different from cutting concrete.

Can You Cut Concrete With a Chainsaw?

It is entirely possible to cut concrete with a chainsaw, as long as the chainsaw has a diamond chain. A standard chainsaw that doesn’t have a diamond chain wouldn’t be as appropriate for cutting concrete.

An example of a chainsaw that can cut concrete is the ICS F4 Concrete Cutting Chainsaw from Amazon. This chainsaw is built with durable materials and its higher energy ignition system is easy to start.

Additionally, studies show that using an abrasive chainsaw to cut materials is less dangerous than other types of chainsaws due to them having less kickback.


As long as you pick a Sawzall with a diamond blade, you can use it to cut concrete. However, a circular saw with a diamond blade is an even better choice, so you should choose that if you can.

Whatever tool you choose, make sure you’re using proper protective gear before cutting concrete. If you want to minimize dust, make sure to have a hose constantly wetting the saw and concrete while you cut.

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